Monday, January 20, 2014

Dear Zriah

Dear Zriah,

 "First, I want to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your book! I cannot wait for more of your work! What keeps my attention is the random sex acts, places, people etc. It reminds me much of myself and I have always felt there was something seriously wrong with me all of these years. I have about two friends that I can tell about my sexual thoughts, ideas and even excursions. I feel the majority of the time I have to keep my thoughts to myself for fear of being judged and this brings me to my issue. I have started dating someone who I really like but I am having a lot of issues with her sexually. When we first started dating, I did hold back my sexual desires because I was afraid to run her off. Now, I have become more comfortable in telling her things that I like, things I want to do etc. Now, when I first started telling her and wanting to experience my desires with her, she was all for it. She used to rarely let me eat her pussy. Now I am up to being able to eat all night and sleeping between her legs to eat when I wake up in the middle of the night. We are down to having sex maybe once a week. I am becoming frustrated because I am so attracted to her and no it is not just sexually however my desires are there and very high. We went out to eat and I wanted to play with her pussy while we were at the table or let her play with my dick at the table. She became upset with me and left. I felt that was perfect because I love doing sexual acts when others have no clue. She fussed and cussed at me all the way home. In my mind, I did nothing wrong but wanted feel on her pussy with everyone else clueless. That turns me on! There are so many other incidents that I am actually afraid to say on here in fear that someone may think I'm some type of freak. I want to be with this woman but my desires are not being satisfied, not in the slightest way. I want to be able to enjoy my woman and if my thoughts are too much, I wouldn't mind some compromise at least. Am I asking too much of her or any woman? Do you think I should try and work this out and keep trying? I just don't know but I do know the most excitement with her was with me jacking off to your book."

Sexually Starved

Dear Sexual Starved,

First I want to say thank you for your compliments. Now to the meat of the issue. I do not feel there is anything wrong with you. I can only speak for myself about this (so my female audience will not kill me lol). I know there are some times when I feel much like your girlfriend (rarely). That is just a woman I think. I understand that you want to be with her but when a person's sexual desires are not met, they tend to start venturing out more and more often. The example of you and her in the restaurant actually was in my book and a lot of those scenes were reality. I am much like you when it comes to spontaneous sex. I enjoyed sitting at that table grabbing his dick letting him play with me and when our waiter come over he had absolutely no clue. Like you, that was a HUGE turn on for me. The sexual things I display in those books 9 times out of 10 I have experienced so does that make me strange? I think not! I think that there are lots people like you and I who enjoy sex and not just basic sex.

When you first started dating her, I think you should have mentioned something about your desires that way she will know what she is getting into from the start. Not saying this should have taken place on date one but definitely early on. I'm sure you think she is trying a little, or at least enough to lay between her legs at night. Waking up to the essence of her and be able to taste is has to be a turn on for you because it is for me to wake up receiving; but I'm sure there are other things you desire for yourself in the middle of the night. A quickie or even a little head every now and then. What's wrong with you wanting some at random times in random locations? Nothing! YOU ARE NOT A FREAK (in a bad way)! You are just a freak in the sheets ;).  Are you asking too much of her? Yes. She is obviously not on your level sexually and constantly asking will only annoy her and push her away. We should not base our relationships 100% on sex, however it is extremely important. If my sexual desires were not being met, I would not be able to be faithful. Its a package deal and should be with him too. Should you continue to try? You can continue but from what you have said already, I do not think she is on your level sexually. You will get bored and jacking off to my book will start to become repetitive. You have to seek someone share the same sexual desires. Trust me they are out there.

I have used a lot of comparisons between you and myself in this reply because I want you to know that you are not in a league of your own. I have plenty of friends who think much like me and tell me that they have taken a lot of my experiences and played around with them. I said that to say that there are people out there who are just like you. Feel them out, throw a hint or something every now and then and you will be surprised to know how many people you see everyday who are just as sexual as you, if not more.

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