Dilemmas (Part 1) Excerpts


chapter 1

He could still smell her: the soft, sweet scent of her perfume over the smell

of a freshly bathed body. Her hair was slightly wet from her bath. Her skin

was smooth, silky, and soft to the touch. He ran his hands down her nicely

toned body, firmly caressing her ass. He could feel her lips gliding about

his body as though he tasted like the sweetest piece of liquid filled candy

dripping from her lips. She could not get enough of his body on her lips.

She licked his chest and nibbled on his nipples. She ran her tongue down

his stomach and then to the top of his dick. The need to taste him overtook

her, and she became wet with the anticipation of him sliding his dick

deep inside her. She kissed and licked his body even more aggressively. Her

hands moved about him softly, caressing every erotic part of him. As she

gripped his chest and licked his earlobe, he let out a soft moan. She whispered

in his ear, “I want this, Maurice.”

The warmth of her naked body next to his aroused him almost to the

point of ejaculation. He became eager to feel her wetness all over him. She

moved her leg across his body in order to rub it against his hard dick. He

whispered back, “I’m all yours, Dr. Aiden.”

His heart rate began to increase as he prepared to flip her over and

spread her legs wide, shaking with the thought of sliding into her, and then

he…woke up to a slap to the face. “Who in the hell is Dr. Aiden?” his wife


Maurice abruptly woke from a dream that nearly took him to ejaculation

pleasure, only to see his wife, Bevelyn, staring at him as though she

would remove an organ if he did not have the right response. Her eyes were

red from anger, her hair was falling into her face, and her fists were balled

up. He attempted to get out of the bed because of his awkward erection,

and she pushed him back. She slapped him again. “I asked you a damn

question: who in the hell is she?”

Maurice explained that he did not know the name Dr. Aiden outside

of the dream he was having. His wife was not convinced by his explanation.

He jumped out of bed, using his hand as a guard over his dick. She sat in

bed watching him as he stumbled to the bathroom.


Maurice was a sexy man. At six feet two inches, his broad shoulders

and beautiful smile captured any woman. He had a seductive, deep voice

and the perfect gift of gab. He had a way of talking the underwear off a

woman before she even realized he’d said hello. His lips were full, and he

licked them regularly as he spoke. His eyes were a beautiful brown and

lazy. His skin was like a smooth, dark caramel. He smelled of cologne at all

times. No matter where he went, women flocked to get a glimpse of him,

smiling and winking as he passed by. He was not a conceited man but very


Bevelyn was a beautiful woman. At five feet seven inches tall and

weighing 150 pounds, she was very curvy, with a full C-cup bra size. Her

hair was brown, and her eyes were hazel, with long and full eyelashes. Her

skin was like a milky caramel that is beautiful and flawless. She had a big,

deep dimple on her left cheek. Her clothes always caressed her body because

she loved to show off her figure.


Maurice moved quickly to open the shower curtains and turn on the

water. He rushed into the shower to release the interrupted orgasm while it

was still fresh on his mind.

While Maurice was in the shower, Bevelyn went through his cell

phone, iPad, and wallet for any information that could lead to this mysterious

doctor. She was wracking her brain, trying to think of any doctor she

had run across. After all, she visited the hospital regularly to keep tabs on

Maurice, an x-ray technician, well known due to her frequent, embarrassing

visits to the hospital. Everyone knew Mrs. Maurice Galvinston even

before she went to the hospital to meet a new employee. The employees

would sit around laughing at the last episode of Bevelyn.

Bevelyn made it her business to know all the nurses and doctors. She even

went out of her way to meet new employees. The more she thought about it,

the more she knew that she was not familiar with the name Dr. Aiden.

After her failed efforts of locating helpful information, she decided

to call her informant; Maurice’s adopted cousin Nedia, to complain about

Maurice’s dream episode. Nedia was an orthopedic doctor at the hospital

and had always been the eyes and ears for Bevelyn when she’s not around.

Maurice knew that Nedia had taken to Bevelyn as family but was truly

unaware of just how close they were.


Bevelyn and Nedia had a very close relationship even before Maurice

and Bevelyn’s marriage. Maurice’s family never accepted Bevelyn because

they felt she was a gold digger who wanted to ride Maurice’s coattails. In

general, the family was very well off, and when Bevelyn became pregnant

with Maurice’s twins daughters, Marchae and Marchaun, they doubted that

the girls even belonged to him. The family went to great lengths to prove

the twins were not Maurice’s children. Maurice even had a secret DNA

on one of the twins to be sure they were his children. Because the results

were positive, the family accepted the children out of respect to Maurice.

Although Maurice’s family accepted his children, they did not accept

Bevelyn at all. Nedia was the only family member who had any dealings

with Bevelyn. Bevelyn deeply wanted to be accepted by the family, so she

chose to befriend the only family member who would accept her: Maurice’s

adopted cousin.

One evening, Nedia and Bevelyn were having a girls’ night out. When

they had a girls’ night out, they went out of town because of Nedia’s status in

their city. Nedia wore a very revealing one-piece short set that caressed her ass

and showed off the imprint of her pussy lips. Bevelyn wore a shirt as short as a

washcloth and a sheer blouse. She wore a red bra and no underwear.

They sat at a table to enjoy the view and were immediately asked

to dance by two tall, handsome men. They both agreed and headed to the

dance floor. As they began to dance, no one could keep their hands to themselves.

They each groped one another, feeling every crevice of their body on

the dance floor. Bevelyn turned her back to her date and bent over, rubbing

her body against him, feeling his dick rise steadily to the thought of her

bare pussy sliding against his pants. As she looked up, she could see Nedia’s

date sliding his fingers past her shorts to feel her clit. What Bevelyn witnessed

aroused her more than she expected. Her mind began to wonder

what it would be like to run her tongue along her thigh just high enough

to catch the scent of Nedia’s pussy.

Nedia’s date had begun to give her multiple drinks as they danced,

hoping to be able to get a nightcap. Bevelyn’s date had pulled his dick out

and was rubbing it along her clit just to get the feel of her warm, wet pussy

against him. As the song ended, Bevelyn motioned to Nedia that they

needed to leave. Nedia was staggering and too drunk to drive, so Bevelyn

drove back to Nedia’s house.

Once they were at Nedia’s house, Bevelyn helped Nedia to her living

room and placed her on the couch. Bevelyn began to place a black mink

blanket over her but became distracted by Nedia’s body. The curves of her

body were protruding through the short set. Her legs were smooth and

newly shaven. Her hair was long, lying over her shoulders and chest. Her

legs were slightly open, which allowed Bevelyn to see exactly how her pussy

lay in the shorts.

Bevelyn resisted temptation to fondle her and began to take Nedia’s

shoes off. Nedia began to wake up, and as she opened her eyes, she could

see Bevelyn bent over, removing her shoes, and Nedia reached up to touch

her clit that was greatly exposed. Bevelyn turned to look at Nedia, pausing

for a second before bending down to kiss her.

Bevelyn’s full lips kissed Nedia as though she were deeply in love

with her. The more they kissed, the more aggressive both women became.

They ripped one another’s clothes off, sucking each other’s breasts, kissing

each other passionately, and licking each other’s warm, wet pussy until they

both had an extended orgasm. They laid in each other’s arms for hours that

night, sharing multiple intimate moments together until Bevelyn realized

she needed to get home to her husband.

Bevelyn and Nedia continued to have secret rendezvous well after

Bevelyn married Maurice. At Bevelyn’s bachelorette party the night before

the wedding, they decided to take a few hours to themselves to entertain

one another.

Nedia had built a unique bond with Bevelyn as lover and informant

of Maurice’s actions, which was why Bevelyn felt compelled to call Nedia

when she needed to vent or keep tabs on Maurice.



Bevelyn angrily began to tell Nedia how she had sat in bed, listening

and watching as Maurice moaned and touched his body while calling out

the name Dr. Aiden as he slept. She demanded to know who the doctor was.

Nedia expressed that she had not heard of the name and that there was no

one new at the hospital. Bevelyn asked Nedia to find out who Dr. Aiden

was and to contact her as soon as she found out. Bevelyn heard the shower

stop as she was talking to Nedia. She told Nedia to call her the next day

with any information she had found.


Maurice was finished with his shower. He stood in the doorway of the

bathroom, and Bevelyn watched his glistening body sparkle as the light

danced against him. His arms were full and round from lifting weights.

His stomach displayed a nicely formed six-pack of muscles. Her eyes ran

down his body, from his stomach to his dick hanging between his thighs.

He began to dry his dick with the towel, and as he bounced his dick

up and down to be sure he dried beneath it, Bevelyn couldn’t help but

become aroused at the sight of his dick in motion. He turned to the side to

begin to dry his legs, and she again ran her eyes down his firm ass, thinking

about how she would love to lick his body. He turned toward her, and she

jumped around to face the television and pretend she was not watching.

Maurice decided he wanted to lie on the couch for the remainder of

the night. He was not in the mood to hear Bevelyn fuss all night about the

dream he’d had. Bevelyn decided not to be argumentative about him deciding

to lie on the couch. Although she was angry with him, her sex drive was

still intact. She was in the mood to give him a nice blow job but would not

bring herself to do so. She listened to him as he walked down the hallway

before she grabbed her dildo. She placed it on her clit as though it was it

were him licking her pussy. After she came, she turned to the television to

listen to it while falling asleep.


When Maurice’s watch alarm went off, he knew that he was running

behind. He jumped off the couch and rushed in order to make it to work

on time. Bevelyn had prepared breakfast for him and offered him breakfast.

Maurice looked at her as though she had lost her mind. He told her that he

was not hungry and had to get to work. He kept thinking to himself that

she was up to something because he knew she was upset with him from the

night before, so making him breakfast was odd.

This morning, like so many others, Maurice could not wait to get

to work and away from Bevelyn. She knew that Maurice was dedicated to

his job, was rarely late, and hardly ever missed work, so she did not think

twice about his rejecting breakfast. He did all he could to avoid any further

conversation and headed out the door.

When Maurice arrived at work, his first patient was waiting. She was

tall and slim, with an hourglass figure. Her lips were full, and she smelled

of very expensive perfume. Her skin was like dark chocolate. She wore her

hair long, slightly past her shoulders.

She explained to Maurice that her doctor had sent her to x-ray because

of possible pneumonia. Maurice escorted her to the changing room and

gave her instructions to remove everything from the waist up. She put her

hair up with a bobby pin, removed her shirt, bra, pants, and underwear,

and put the hospital gown on. She pushed the notification button, and he

escorted her to the x-ray room.

They walked into the x-ray room, and Maurice walked over to turn

on the x-ray-in-progress indicator. When he turned back around, she was

standing in front of him naked and playing with her clit. She walked up to

him and began to kiss him. He reciprocated, picked her up, and positioned

her on the wall.

He unzipped his pants and began to slide his dick into her. He stroked

her like she was a new toy, very aggressively—the way she seemed to want

it. He pounded her over and over, licking her breasts until he came inside

her, jerking his body as his come left his dick. He slowly let her down. She

grabbed her gown and put it on. He zipped up his pants, turned the switch

off, and walked her back to her changing room. As she walked into the

room, she turned to him and said, “I’ll see you next week.”




Nedia saw Maurice during his lunch break and asked him about his

day. He told her he knew his wife had called her about the situation from

the night before. “Dr. Aiden must be very special to have you calling her

name out in your sleep,” she said.

He stared at her as though he were a deer caught in headlights. Nedia

told him that he needed to make sure he was not cheating, because it would not

be good. He kept expressing that he was not cheating and that he had patients

all day. She looked at him as if to say “whatever.” She laughed his explanation

off and reminded him of his weekly appointment that afternoon. He told her

that he remembered the meeting. She told him to have a nice lunch and left.

Nedia immediately called Bevelyn to give her the update she had

been waiting on. Nedia told Bevelyn she was not sure who the doctor was

because she had not heard of a Dr. Aiden. Bevelyn was not swayed, as she

felt it was someone who had been overlooked. Nedia suggested that Bevelyn

relax about the situation. Nedia assured Bevelyn that she would let her

know if she found anything out.

Bevelyn was still upset about this mysterious woman and needed an

outlet. She decided to call her friend who enjoyed having her as breakfast,

lunch, or dinner. He was an older gentleman with lots of cash to give her,

which she loved to take. She called him and asked him to meet her at an

exclusive restaurant in the next town.

Bevelyn arrived at the restaurant in a long blue dress that had slits

up to her thighs on both sides. She walked into the empty restaurant where

only the wait staff was present. She spotted a single red rose in a vase and

two glasses of wine. Both chairs were pulled together instead of on either

side of the round table. She sat at the table, and in walked her date.

He was a little chubby due to age but still very handsome. He stood

in the doorway in a three-piece suit. She rose to greet him as he walked over.

He gave her a kiss on the cheek and sat in the chair beside her. The waiter

announced that their order had been fulfilled and would be right out.

“How did you know what I wanted?” she asked in a seductive voice.

“I always know what you want,” he answered while laying his hand

on her thigh.

The food was served, and everyone disappeared. He leaned in to kiss

her and pulled her leg across his as he kissed her. He slid his fingers up her

dress until he could touch the G-string covering her warm pussy.


 “What did you wear that for?” he asked while trying to move it out

of his way.

“For you to use your mouth to remove it.”

He pushed her G-string aside in order to slide his fingers inside her

pussy. He used his fingers like a dildo probing her pussy. He took his fingers

out of her, stuck his index finger in his mouth, and sucked it. Next

he stuck his middle finger in her mouth, and she sucked it, and then they

kissed. “Let’s get out of here so I can really eat,” he said while grabbing her

hand to lead her from the table.

He walked Bevelyn to a waiting limo. He instructed the driver to

continue driving until being told to head back to the restaurant. The driver

opened the door, and Bevelyn and her friend got in. He told her to place

her legs on each of the windows so that she would be wide enough for him

to lie in.

When she spread her legs, he licked her while the G-string was still

on. He rubbed his tongue against the G-string as if trying to force his

tongue past the cloth. He slid his tongue up one of her thighs and then

back down to the G-string. Her body was yearning for him to stick his

tongue in her pussy. He ran his tongue up her other thigh and then lifted

her up to lick near her ass. She let out a deep sigh. He took his tongue and

moved the G-string to the side and licked her clit as though it were a lollipop.

She was fighting a fast orgasm, as his teasing had made her near peak.

He drove his tongue deep inside her pussy and down to her ass. She grabbed

his head and shoved him deeper into her pussy. “I’m going to come, I’m

going to come,” she said as she started to come. He continued to lick her

until he felt he had eaten every drop of her come. He sat up and told the

driver to head back to the restaurant.

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