Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dear Zriah?

One of my previous blog posts was a Dear Zriah post. When my friend made the statement that oral sex was not cheating, I gave him..a piece of my mind LOL (He's like my best male friend). He asked my opinion as to why did I feel like it was and I put my opinion on my blog.

I receive so many question, ideas and concerns with people everyday life. I am a pretty open person to just about anything so a lot of people feel comfortable talking to me about...well anything.  I am NO expert on relationships but I do find a lot of the questions very interesting. When I answer I am as honest as possible but I can be a comical person. My responses are my thoughts alone but I have decided that, with the permission of the people asking the questions, I will post them on my blog. I will not use their names or anything just the questions they ask and my replies.

Well this was the introduction to my Dear Zriah segments. Although I am no expert on blogging or relationships I will do my best.

Here Goes...


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