Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Can I Write 20,000 words in two days?

I am going to put myself to the test to see if I can write 20,000 words of my current book this upcoming weekend. Although I am in my first run, I want to try this this weekend. I remember when I was going my MA I would have a 25 or 30 page paper due and would not start on it until the night before. I would always get an A. It seems as though when my mind flows with ideas, I cannot stop.

I figure for me to complete this in two days I will need to follow these simple rules

1. Have a conversation with my children that I need their support this weekend by making sure they take the dogs out and keep the noise down. They have a dance to go to so it will be nice and quiet on Friday evening.

2. Make sure I have enough healthy foods before I get home on Friday. I will need to eat healthy and light so that I will not get tired while writing.

3. Turn my cell phone completely off at 5:00 pm EST Friday.

4.  Write 4,000 words on Friday evening.

5. Saturday I will not take the boys to get haircuts, no normal Saturday cleaning, no yard work. I will get up promptly at 7:00 am  EST to start back writing. (My children are old enough to prepare their own food so they will prepare their food for the weekend).

6. Write 8,000 until approximately 7:00pm EST Saturday. Only stopping for small snacks and bathroom breaks.

7. After 12 hours of non-stop writing, I will take time to lay down and decompress.

8. I will miss church on Sunday to get my last 8,000 words. I will be up again at approximately 7:00am EST.

9. I will end again at 7:00pm EST.

10. At this time, I will have completed my first round. I will give myself a week or so to start reviewing my first run.

This is my idea of how I will write this upcoming weekend. I do know things come up and we may not be able to complete the things we set out to do but I am determined to get this done. I will update this blog beginning Friday (after I complete my designated word count) to let you know how its is or is not going...

Until then, Happy Reading!

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