Sunday, December 29, 2013

Oral Sex is Cheating?

I was just speaking with someone, (well fussing at him), about going out with some of his female friends. His friends were going to a swingers party. He stated that he was going with his friends because they were homosexuals and he didn't have to worry about cheating on his girlfriend. I said (because I know him), "but receiving oral sex from them is still cheating whether you penetrate or not." He begged to differ.

I fell cheating is cheating no matter what form it is. If you are doing anything sexually inappropriate with someone other than the one you are committed to, in my opinion, that constitutes as cheating. It doesn't matter to me if it is just a text message with graphic sexual content.

I have noticed that people use oral sex as an excuse of not cheating. It is just as dangerous as having sexual intercourse, you can still transmit STD's whether oral, vaginal or anal. (Don't get me started on people saying anal sex is not cheating...Really!?). Cheating can involve several elements of inappropriate behavior and oral sex is a form of cheating (Hence the word 'Sex' followed by oral).

I'm just saying... Your thoughts?


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