Sunday, July 14, 2013

A customer told me...

A customer contacted me to inform me of their experience reading Dilemmas Part 1 and boy was I excited after I received that comment!

"Your book has sparked me and my husband's sex life again. We were in the pits but after the first few pages, I was ready to go, go, go! The steamy, vivid, sex scenes make you feel as though you are directly in bed with the characters. HOT!"

How excited I was to know that first, my book was enjoyable and second, it actually 'helped' someone else relationship. I never even thought about my words being a help for someone in the 'relationship' side. I was completely thinking of giving readers spice for their eyes and maybe a twinge here or there.

Thank you for your comments!
More to come


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  1. I KNOW the feeling of your other reader. It was so HOT! I read it twice :)